UAE: Short-Term vs. Long-Term Rentals – Cost, Convenience, & Commitment

Whether you’re relocating for a job, planning a tourist visit that calls for a homely stay over a hotel, or require flexibility due to frequent work-related moves, the UAE offers various rental options to suit your needs. Regardless of your circumstances, you can discover a place that truly feels like home in the UAE.

In this incredible country, both short-term and long-term rentals are available to you. Now, you might be wondering how they differ from each other and what their respective advantages and disadvantages are.

This guide provides you with all the information you need about rental possibilities in the UAE.

1. What Makes Renting in the UAE a Smart Move?

Most expats in the UAE who are looking for improved employment prospects or high standards of life choose to rent as their preferred alternative.

This choice is more practical than owning a unit because you can completely personalize every part of your home. See some benefits of renting in the UAE below.

  1. You have the freedom to choose the size and kind of your unit, whether for a large or tiny, comfortable one. You can relocate whenever you choose.
  2. If your workplace moved locations, it’s simple to relocate. You can pick the right unit that best matches your budget.

2. What Rental Option Are There in the UAE?

You have a choice between short-term rental or long-term rental depending on your preferences.

Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental: Short-term rentals are agreements to rent a property for a period of time that is often between a few days to a few months. People who require temporary housing; business travelers, and tourists are frequently looking for this option. In places with a strong influx of tourists and popular tourist spots, short-term rentals tend to be available.

 Key features of short-term rentals:

  • Flexibility: The length of the lease might be more flexible with short-term rentals. Renters are not restricted by lengthy commitments and can opt for shorter stays.
  • Fully Furnished: A lot of short-term rental homes are furnished, making them convenient for short stays.
  • Higher Daily/Weekly Rates: Short-term rentals may have higher daily or weekly rates compared to long-term rentals since they cater to shorter stays.
  • Availability: They are commonly available in tourist-heavy areas and popular destinations.

Long-Term Rental: On the other hand, long-term rentals entail rental agreements that last for a longer period, usually one year. This rental option is perfect for people or families that intend to stay in the UAE for an extended duration, including expats and locals. It is popular among expats because they offer a number of benefits that satisfy their needs.

Key features of long-term rentals:

  • Stability: Long-term rentals offer more stability because tenants have a set address and can forge a feeling of community.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Long-term rentals often are cheaper per month than short-term rentals, making them a desirable choice for long-term occupants.
  • Availability: They are more common in residential areas and offer a wider range of rental options.
  • May Require Furnishing: Unlike some short-term rentals, long-term rentals may require the tenant to furnish the property.

3. How is the long-term rental fee paid?

Long-term leases in the UAE are typically paid with a single cheque, however if multiple payments suit you better, you can still choose that option. You must pay the entire rental cost for the whole year upfront if you choose the single cheque option.

Long Term Rental

Additionally, landlords now provide a variety of (quarterly) payment options, which is more practical and favourable for many since the initial payments will be split up and you won’t have the burden to pay all at once. However, this option might be a little more expensive than the one which requires a single payment.

4. Should I go for a long-term or short-term rental?

After learning about the two rental options in the UAE, this is the typical question that will cross your mind. Actually, there isn’t a better choice than another; it all depends on which one best suits your circumstances and needs.

Additionally, short-term rentals could appear to be the most affordable option for renting in the United Arab Emirates in terms of the upfront payment required; but, you must make a decision based on your needs in order to select the sustainable option.

5. What Kinds of Units Are Available for Each Type of Renting?

In the UAE, you have a wide range of alternatives for both short- and long-term rentals for various types of properties. There is a choice for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a single traveler, newlyweds, or even a big family.

The available units for each kind are as follows:

Short Term

  • Studios
  • Villas
  • Hotels
  • Hotel apartments

Check out the hotel apartments for rent in the UAE on Metahomes for a ton of fantastic possibilities if you’re looking for a hotel-like stay with more privacy and personalization.

Long Term

  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Penthouses

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