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Dubai: Tallest Residential Clock Tower in the World- Aeternitas

In an extraordinary development, Dubai is set to elevate its skyline with the introduction of the world’s tallest residential clock tower. The announcement came as a result of an exciting collaboration between London Gate, a premium real estate developer in the UAE, and Franck Muller, the renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.
This groundbreaking venture marks Franck Muller’s entry into the real estate sector, bringing together the worlds of horology and architecture in a spectacular fashion. The unveiling event, celebrating the partnership between London Gate and Franck Muller, showcased their commitment to creating a landmark development in the heart of Dubai, Marina.
London Gate, having already left an indelible mark on the UAE real estate market with sold-out projects like Maya V, Nadine I and II, now joins forces with Franck Muller to unveil a masterpiece in Dubai Marina. At an impressive height of 450 meters, the development is not only set to be the tallest residential tower but also the tallest residential clock tower globally. The collaboration marks Franck Muller’s foray into real estate, adding a new dimension to their three-decade legacy in the horology industry.

Unique Features and Design:

The residential tower, Aeternitas, draws inspiration from Franck Muller’s watch of the same name. Renowned for being one of the most complex watches globally, Aeternitas boasts an impressive 36 complications and 1,483 components. This complexity is set to be mirrored in the architectural marvel, promising residents a living experience that mirrors the essence and prestige of both London Gate and Franck Muller.
Set against the backdrop of Dubai Marina, this anticipated development by London Gate is poised to soar at a remarkable height of 450 meters. Not only will it claim the title of the tallest residential tower, but it will also boast the stature of being the tallest residential clock tower globally—, a monumental achievement in the realm of modern architecture.
Dubai has long been synonymous with architectural marvels, and Aeternitas is assured to be another jewel in its crown. The luxury residential project, officially debuting in January 2024, is anticipated to deliver an unparalleled living experience. Residents can look forward to the handover by 2026, setting the stage for a new era of luxurious living in the heart of Dubai.
Aeternitas isn’t merely a towering structure; it represents a significant stride in the evolution of Dubai’s real estate industry.
The collaboration with Franck Muller brings an added layer of exclusivity and luxury to the project, setting a new benchmark for branded residences. This pioneering venture is expected to attract discerning buyers and investors, further establishing Dubai as a global hub for innovative and prestigious real estate developments. With its completion on the horizon, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of this iconic structure that is set to etch Dubai’s skyline into the annals of architectural history.
Dubai’s skyline, already dotted with architectural wonders, is set to reach new heights with Aeternitas, a symbol of collaboration, innovation, and a testament to the city’s commitment to pushing boundaries in luxury living. Continue exploring amazing properties here on MetaHomes
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