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High ROI for Investing in Dubai Property Near Top Schools

When investing in property, location is key. In Dubai, schools play a pivotal role in driving property returns. A recent study by Realiste, a Dubai-based proptech, reveals that investing in residential projects near prestigious schools can yield incredible returns of up to 43.7% over five years. Schools like Hartland International School, GEMS Wellington Academy, and Sunmarke School are the catalysts behind these high returns.
Dubai’s burgeoning reputation as a family-friendly city, complemented by top-tier education, healthcare, and a diverse atmosphere, contributes to the allure of these areas. The strategic proximity to such schools enhances property values, ensuring attractive rental yields and remarkable returns on investment.
For instance, Sobha Hartland and Sobha Creek Vista Heights, nestled in Mohammad Bin Rashid City, offer estimated returns of 43.7% and 39.6% over five and three years, respectively. These figures are substantiated by the schools nearby, fostering a prime environment for families.
Other notable projects like Dubai Hills Estate, Greenside Residence by Emaar, and Jumeirah Village Triangle are predicted to fetch high ROIs due to their proximity to reputable schools, including GEMS Wellington Academy and Sunmarke School.
Let’s see some details of this groundbreaking revelation and explore how MetaHomes, a leading real estate trading platform in the UAE, can play a pivotal role in helping investors capitalize on this opportunity.
Properties near GEMS Dubai American Academy

The Power of Education Districts

The study highlights key districts, including Mohammad Bin Rashid City and Al Khail, where investments can yield returns ranging from 22.5% to a staggering 43.7% over three to five years. Notable schools such as Hartland International School, GEMS Wellington Academy, and Sunmarke School act as catalysts for these superlative returns, creating a synergy between educational excellence and real estate investments.
As investors look to capitalize on this emerging trend, MetaHomes provides a comprehensive platform that caters to a diverse range of accommodation options. From residential to commercial spaces, holiday homes to off-plan properties, MetaHomes offers a vast array of choices with competitive prices. Navigating the real estate market becomes seamless with MetaHomes, empowering investors to make informed decisions and maximize returns.

Key Projects and Expected Returns:

  • Sobha Hartland and Sobha Creek Vista Heights: Located in Mohammad Bin Rashid City, these high-end residential projects by Sobha Group are projected to yield returns of 43.7% and 39.6% over a five-year and three-year period, respectively. The strategic location near The Hartland International School enhances the investment potential.
  • Dubai Hills Estate: Adjacent to GEMS Wellington Academy in Al Khail, Dubai Hills Estate is predicted to fetch a return of 26.9%. With MetaHomes, investors can explore various options in this prime location.
  • Greenside Residence by Emaar: This Emaar project offers unique flexibility in choosing floor plans on any level. Investors can anticipate a return of 22.5% over a three-year period.
  • Jumeirah Village Triangle: Proximity to Sunmarke School positions Jumeirah Village Triangle as a promising investment with an expected return of 28.6%.
  • Altai Tower at JVT: A new residential development by Tiger Properties, Altai Tower is predicted to provide investors with a 26.1% return over a three-year and five-year period.
Metahomes recognizes the significance of location when seeking accommodation. The platform offers a diverse range of properties, from residential to commercial, holiday homes to off-plan properties. By leveraging our vast options, individuals can navigate the real estate market effectively, ensuring they find accommodations that align with their investment goals and lifestyle preferences. Explore the full potential of your real estate investments with MetaHomes.
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